The Oakreach Job

The party help out a new friend and try to stop a murder

The morning after ir Baalzephon’s party, Anführer Orimine Leviathan der Infernal, Brother Otto and Helenas Olara reconvened at the Turncoat’s Retreat. The mood was heavy, the situation and its possible outcomes playing over and over in each of the trio’s thoughts. But the group had something else to do in Oakreach. And so, they headed into the centre of town to find Chalo’s Weapon Emporium.

Chalo Gendrun greeted them warmly as they entered his shop and even after they convinced him to close the door to discuss less public business, he seemed to have some trouble lowering his voice. The party explained why they were here – the trip to the Eternal Battlefields, how they had done it without a key and what Brother Otto’s relationship to the whole affair was.

Though Chalo’s words expressed concern, he never seemed to drop his volume or tone as he told the group what he could. After ushering them into a similar hidden cellar to Welford’s, he mentioned the legendary disc jumper, Silvarion, an elf according to the stories, who could travel the discs as he pleased. Silvarion was the closest thing he had heard of to a living breathing portal key. The elf had apparently written a great tome, the Codex of the Orrery, which, if it truly existed, Chalo believed would be the most likely place to find answers. When questioned about the whereabouts of the tome, Chalo suggested that the Twisting Towers, the divine realm of Shalista, goddess of magic, would be a good place to start.

Before letting them go, Chalo asked that they help him check on a portal in the tunnels under Oakreach to ensure that it, like the one in Chiron’s Hill, wasn’t active. After he assured them that they would be back in time for their evening activities, they agreed to go. He led them to a small house in the north of the city and through a trapdoor within it down a great ladder and into the tunnels. The Oakreach Tunnels, he explained, had been used by the Orrathi army to make covert strikes against Trevish-occupied Oakreach many years ago, and one of the command bunkers had developed a portal to the Eternal Battlefields.

Chalo led them through a somewhat bewildering maze of tunnels until they reach the door to the bunker. Behind, Helenas recognised voices speaking goblin, two high-pitched, one lower. They seemed to be chanting. Quickly formulating a plan, Orimine went into the room in the guise of a devil, telling the hobgoblin and two goblins she found inside that they had succeeded in summoning her, while Helenas piped in some atmospheric music and Chalo and Otto stood out of view, but ready for action.

The goblins appeared to buy Orimine’s ruse, but the hobgoblin was unconvinced. After only a slight hesitation, it charged into combat. Otto was quick to get into the room and protect his friend and Helenas charmed one of the goblins before it realised what was going on. Chalo charged in and began chanting his counter-measures. Despite Chalo’s efforts the portal continued to fizz and crackle and as the party put down the unenchanted goblins, a small creature escaped. The imp cackled madly and launched into an assault on the party only to be put down immediately by a well placed eldritch blast from Orimine. The portal started to close and Chalo was able to tear himself away from his invocations just long enough to tell them they should go and to give them a very rapid set of instructions for how to get out.

Despite the difficulty of the directions, the group were able to find their way to the exit, taking only one wrong turn, which led them into the nest of a swarm of spiders. Soon they were back on the surface and, once again, facing the unpleasant choice they had to make for the evening.

Orimine revealed that she had been quietly contemplating going behind their back to fake the assassination, but had decided against doing so as a gesture of faith and loyalty to her companions. Instead, she suggested that they gamble on her being able to impersonate Ar’kle-mens to Tarid Gorn. Meanwhile, Helenas would warn Baron Dereton of the impending threat in case Gorn had backup assassins. The party agreed on this course of action.

Orimine, using the powers granted to her by the Winter Queen to appear like the devil lieutenant, and Otto, cloaked and posing as Ar’kle-mens’s servant, went to Gorn’s compound in the Diplomatic Quarter. The guards at the front door seemed somewhat taken aback by the devilish visage that presented itself at the door, but fetched their master and allowed the pair entry. Gorn, too, seemed to accept Orimine for who she claimed to be, taking her to his private study to discuss the matters with which “his devilish master” had come to him in person.

The Orrathi seemed to be swallowing most of what Orimine said, that she had killed the trio of adventurers after entering the world through a portal in the Oakreach Tunnels, but when she told him that he was to commit the assassination of Dereton himself, he began to see through the cracks in her ruse. Orimine, sensing the game was up, called Otto and soon after dropped her guise completely. The robed figures that had been lingering in the lobby followed Otto down the hall and the pair realised they were in an impossible situation. Orimine used her silver tongue to apologise and back down while Otto fought his urges to just punch Gorn in the face and they left with tails between legs.

Meanwhile, Helenas’s meeting with Baron Dereton had gone much better. After revealing the nature of the plot to him, he had immediately ordered his guards and servants to start preparing him to leave the city. When the trio met soon after, they decided their best course of action was to flee the city themselves.

After Orimine had shown her face at the residence of ir Baalzephon just enough to not be suspicious, the group reconvened at the Turncoat’s Retreat. Even as they set out the cries rang out over the city, “Murder!” Fearing their efforts had all been for naught, the group asked some passing guardsmen what was happening.

“Someone’s been murdered in the diplomatic quarter … was it Garm? Gron?”
“No, it’s Gorn.”

With the implications of this turn of events filling their heads, the party made haste, getting through the gates mere minutes before the town was locked down …


You missed the bit where Brother Otto faceplanted the floor when rushing in to fight the goblins.

The Oakreach Job
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