Devil lieutenant on the Eternal Battlefields


Met as the party attempted to escape the Eternal Battlefields, the devil Ar’kle-mens appears to be a lieutenant, likely in the service of Bel, on his home disc. He allowed the group to leave on condition that they delivered a message to Jillup upon their return to the natural world.

The adventurers decided not to pass on the message, instead reading it and pursuing the leads it contained to Ar’kle-mens’s servant in Oakreach, an Orrathi human named Tarid Gorn. Gorn gave them the mission intended for Jillup – to slay a visiting Orrathi nobleman. The party again decided to disobey this instruction, instead alerting the nobleman. This action appears to have led to Gorn’s death.

It is, therefore, reasonable to assume Ar’kle-mens is not too happy about the group …

Appearances: To Hell & Back


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