Eileena the Mad Witch

Dwarf warlock in hell


Eileena, or the Mad Witch as the local devils call her, lives in a hut inside a cave in the Dreadspine Mountains, a range of mountains on the Eternal Battlefields. She claims to have arrived there some 25 years ago and has managed to defend her little home against the local fiends well enough ever since. The nature of exactly how or why she was transported to the Battlefields is unclear, though in conversations with the party she referred to the dangers of making deals with the wrong “people”.

Eileena demonstrated some considerable magical ability when the party encountered her, initially attempting to fend them off as devils. Once she was convinced they were friendly, she allowed them to stay in her home for a night and helped them as best she could with their attempts to get home.

Eileena left the Krallic Holds some decades ago, after she discovered she war barren and would bear no children. Within dwarven society, this made her pitiable and highly undesirable, so she left in anger at her home culture. She holds no love for dwarves, particularly male dwarves to this day.

Outside the Holds, she learnt the powers that she now commands and also took an adoptive daughter, Jillup, a halfling who she found on the streets. Her last residence in the natural world was with Jillup outside Chiron’s Hill on the very hill that contains the portal to the Eternal Battlefields.

Eileena the Mad Witch

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