Ex-disc jumping husband of Bethra


Harian grew up an orphan on the Azure Coast. As a youngster in the care of an orphanage, he was often given duties around a library in his hometown and learnt to read. He would disappear from his duties to read a book he’d found for hours at a time. A local wizard noticed this and took the boy on as an apprentice. In his twenties, having mastered the basics of wizardry, Harian fell in with a group of adventurers led by Chalo Gendrun and ended up on the discs.

Some time after Chalo had retired from the group, Harian says, he had a dream of a woman waiting for him in the Shining Fortress, so he bent his will toward finding a way to that disc. When he eventually made it, he met Bethra Longbraid and soon after, they were married. They have lived together in the Shining Fortress ever since.


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