Halfling herbalist in Chiron's Hill


Jillup runs a small herb shop in Chiron’s Hill, a business she has had for a good fifteen or twenty years. Other than her occasional foraging trips into the forest, she can almost always be found here, as her residence is attached to the store.

Jillup keeps to herself mostly, so most townsfolk don’t know too much about her, but those who do know that she arrived with her adoptive mother, Eileena, an eccentric dwarf woman, as a child. The two of them lived outside the town and Jillup would often come into town to buy supplies for the two of them.

After Eileena disappeared (a fact that the townsfolk were unaware of) the young Jillup spent a few years taking odd jobs around the town to feed herself until she had enough to buy the shop she now runs, applying the herbalism skills her adoptive mother had taught her.

Jillup demonstrated some ability with a hand crossbow when the party found themselves fighting off kobolds at her front door.

Appearances: Souvenirs


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