Kaethel Lonair

Elf bard and former student of Leif


A skilled bard, Kaethel met Helenas Olara at the Broken Saddle in Chiron’s Hill, performing in her stead when she was having an evening off. When he played The Stars are Brightest O’er the Sea, a song she had only ever heard played by her mentor, Leif, Helenas felt compelled to learn who Kaethel was. As it turned out, he had also been trained by Leif, albeit many years earlier. Kaethel had remained in touch with his former master and knew who Helenas was quickly.

Helenas also saw Kaethel fleetingly in Oakreach, though she was unable to catch him.

Appearances: To Hell & Back, Souvenirs

Kaethel Lonair

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