Chiron's Hill

Located in the north-west corner of Trevain, Chiron’s Hill is a town of around 3000 people. It is most famous as the site where an alliance was forged between the dwarves of the Krallic Holds, the people of Trevain and the centaurs and other Fey of Autumnhaven in the face of a large orc invasion.

Owing to their history as a border town that has seen its fair share of battle, the folk of Chiron’s Hill have always tended to place more value on individual strength and ability than noble birth. The local lords have traditionally avoided direct rule, instead handing most authority over to a people’s council, known as the Warriors’ Council.

The party first met in the Chiron’s Hill region. Brother Otto’s monastery, the Monastery of Moving Seasons, is a couple of hours to the south and Anf├╝hrer Orimine Leviathan der Infernal is based here as an emissary of Latzlund. Helenas Olara happened to be passing through the town at the time Orimine forged her pact with the Winter Queen.

Known inhabitants:

  • Athram, dwarf mason
  • Farion Tarth, human priest of Varun
  • Forsted, human blacksmith and current head of the Warrior’s Council
  • Holben Welford, half-elf scholar
  • Jillup, halfling herbalist
  • Somin Brewer, innkeeper at the Broken Saddle
  • Tulilah, halfling priest of Sistrem

Chiron's Hill

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