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Welcome to the Orreratics campaign wiki.

I’m working on getting some info about gods up this week. Varying amounts of detail on the deities up so far and they are mostly deities that have been referred to in game, but I’ll be trying to flesh out the pantheon a little. Also new this week, a page for each of the magic items gathered so far and a primer to Trevalior before we get there on Tuesday.

The Archfey
Bjorik, health and healing
Dargos, sea and sailors
Felgun, craftsmen
Gaatesh, conquest
Jenora, beauty and the arts
Lanli, song
Llelywin, rain
Malkorn, strength
The Masked Duchess, thieves
Shalista, magic
Sistrem, harvest
Thakomer, law
Valax, prison
Varun, protection

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Main Page

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