The Orrery

The Orrery is the term used to describe the relationship of the natural world to the divine realms, usually referred to as discs, that orbit it.

The natural world is placed at the centre of the Orrery and is surrounded by two wheels and an unknown number of longer orbits. The first wheel is relatively small and fast-moving, and contains a realm of light and one of darkness. As the wheel rotates around the world, this causes the cycle of night and day. This wheel is known as the Wheel of Sun and Moon.

The second wheel is larger, containing four realms that correspond with the earthly seasons, and moves much slower. The Archfey and many of their subjects inhabit this wheel, known as the Wheel of Seasons.

The discs found on the longer orbits are the divine realms of the gods. The length and speed of the discs seems to vary disc by disc. As a disc approaches the natural world, its ruler’s influence over the world is increased and travel between the disc and the world becomes easier.

The Orrery

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