The capital of Trevain, Trevalior is a large city of around 40,000 inhabitants. Its inhabitants are a mixture of all of the major races, though humans hold a very slight majority. The city is modern and cosmopolitan by the standards of Ellenda. The arts thrive here and the population is well educated. The immense Royal College is the biggest educational facility on the continent. King Evardus the Third rules from and dwells in Trevalior.

Districts and features

The Palace and the Little Quarter
The palace is a sprawling affair, built on to the top of a small hill. The walls surround four main buildings: the Residence, the Hall of Governance, the Royal Chapel and the Palace Barracks. Surrounding the palace on the slopes of the hill is the Little Quarter, home to most of the political buildings in town, notably foreign embassies, along with several temples. Outside the east end of the palace is the Winter Garden.

Old Town
Lying between the Little Quarter and the Harbour, Old Town is the true heart of Trevalior, a maze of small alleyways full of shops all winding towards Old Town Square. The square itself hosts temples of Sistrem, Bjorik and Malkorn as well as the Clock Tower, one of Trevalior’s most famous landmarks. Three days a week, the square is filled with a market. To the south of the square lies the Autumn Garden.

Craftsmen’s Quarter
On the west side of the Marksheir River opposite the old town is the Craftsmen’s Quarter. Years ago, this area was thick with the smoke of forges and rank with the smells of curing hides, but these days much of the real crafting goes on outside the capital, the quarter serving as a place to sell crafted goods.

The Royal College
Big enough to be called a district in its own right, the Royal College is a large campus with many buildings offering education in topics ranging from mundane history to arcane and divine magic. In the campus’s southwest corner, the Summer Garden can be found. The campus also includes a temple to Varun and another to Jenora.

Trevalior Harbour
The primary port of Trevain is an impressive white stone construction. A large temple to Dargos sits at its centre.

Wedged into the southeast of the city between the Harbour and the College, Wetwood is a poor residential area.

New Town
The cultural centre of Trevalior, New Town is built around Regarik Square, less a square than a long promenade. Amongst the theatres and boutiques, New Town also hosts several temples and the Spring Garden.

Gate Town
Located in the northwest of the city Gate Town is a curious mix of homes, small shops and most of the cities guild halls. It also houses a large barracks near the north gate of the city.


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