Brother Otto

Human monk


Otto was originally from a large but poor family. A travelling monk from the monastery of the Moving Seasons, offered to take Otto to the monastery nearby as a means to unburden the family and also add numbers to the monastery. Once Otto entered the monastery all ties to his biological family was severed and the monastery became his new home.

At first this fledgling monk was resistant to the ways of the monastery. This was due to the feeling of abandonment from his biological family. Also some of the older students who were from more affluent families would mock Otto because of his poor origins. But this only strengthen his resolve to prove them wrong. His feeling of abandonment was quick replaced with the determination to prove them wrong.

Otto became very driven, as he always wanted to succeed at everything including mind and body. He would train day and night in order to become the best. After years of training Brother Otto entered the annual martial tournament in the monastery. He was victorious, and proved to himself that was the best.

However this driven desire and arrogance did not go unnoticed by the elder more experienced monks. For although they saw physically accomplished martial artist, they also saw a monk that lacked humility. For although Brother Otto would everything that was right and proper, they saw that this monk lacked any motivation for the true path. They saw that Otto’s personal quest was more of a selfish desire and not for the good of others.

So the elders gave Brother Otto a new mission to leave the monastery and to find and prove that he has learned humility and empathy for others (and also give monastery a break from Brother Otto).

Brother Otto is a brash and headstrong young man. Yet despite his somewhat brash nature he sometimes displays moments of wisdom that can take others by surprise. He does like to back down from a fight and will keep going until he is unable to do so.

He is not very creative at making plans or schemes, as his plans mostly involves him just charging in ahead. But this is probably largely due to his overconfidence in himself.

Brother Otto

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