Holben Welford

Half-elf Guardian of the Unseen Seal and Chiron's Hill teacher


Welford is a familiar sight around Chiron’s Hill. Originally coming to the town under the pretence of being a scholar of centaur culture, his fear of horses has led him away from that and into a role as a teacher for the youth of the town.

Unbeknownst to all but the adventurers, Welford’s role in Chiron’s Hill is actually a much more dangerous one. As a Guardian of the Unseen Seal, he is responsible for a portal to the Eternal Battlefields, the realm of Gaatesh, God of Conquest, that lies in the forest to the west of the town.

Welford’s cover as a scholar fits him well. He is a fussy, proper half-elf who enjoys reading and well-brewed tea. He is also very fond of a good story and is popular among his young students for his story-telling skills.

Holben Welford

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