The Sage Council

Leaders of the Unseen Seal



Verilias Estril: The High Sage and leader of the Absolutists, Verilias is a 300 plus-year-old elf. By Raulby’s account, he is in his position largely because he’s been around since the Order’s creation. He is strict and inflexible and possesses an almost pathological hatred for all things from the discs.

Kirkland Troovey: Verilias’s muscle, Kirkland is a human, reputedly as good with his sword as with spells. He follows Verilias’s lead absolutely and his somewhat menacing presence is helpful in keeping others on the Council in line.

Fenter Ostrik: An older human, Fenter is a bitter, unfriendly individual. Exactly what the cause of his bitterness is is unclear. He has apparently taken to drinking in dive bars in Wetwood of late.

Natanza: A Kaanite human from the Blackened Plains, Natanza is an Absolutist, but certainly not one of Verilias’s followers, always choosing her own path. With dark skin, tribal attire and red hair and eyes, she is a striking figure, often found in the markets inspecting trinkets and watching the people.

Relissia: A wood elf druid, Relissia is the only Sage not trained in the arcane arts. Her priority is the protection of the natural world which draws her to the Absolutists. Not awfully fond of city life, she can often be found in the city’s four major gardens, preferring the Autumn Gardens.

Rupek Quickstone: A gnome wizard/scientist. Rupek is easily distracted by the minutia, losing track of the bigger picture and is prone to rambling on about his own stories and theories. He is not especially devoted to Absolutism, rather falling that way because of the majority.

Vikli Leaftreader: Born in a forest gnome village that was destroyed by a force of marauding gnolls and their demonic allies, Vikli was one of the few saved by a rescue mission led by Verilias. This defining event has kept her an Absolutist and loyal to Verilias during her relatively short stint on the Council.


Jareth Dantus: The handsome, good-hearted human leader of the Exceptionists may have made a better bard than a wizard. He is well-spoken, inspires confidence in his allies and has comprehensive knowledge of the Order and its members, who they are, where they can be found and what their characters are like.

Velimina Tern: Described by Jareth as his “companion”, Velimina is usually at his side. With long blond hair and a look of mystery in her eyes, she is generally quiet, but inquisitive.

Kelsa Triptika: Not met yet.

Ledlow Kernot: Probably due to long-term use of wild magic, Ledlow is a little touched, making him one of the least predictable members of the Council. He is one of the oldest human Sages.

Lianon Filiskia: Not yet met.

The Sage Council

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