Valax is known as the Jailer and presides over prisons and their inhabitants on either side of the bars. Although his mandate is to incarcerate those who deserve it, he is said to take whatever prisoners he can into his realm. He is depicted as a human, drow or duergar with a scar across his left eye that has rendered it useless. Legend has it this scar was given to him by a powerful evil deity who Valax kept briefly in his cells.

Valax is the brother of Varun the Winged Guardian, who is said to be blind to his evil. Valax, on the other hand, seems to be well aware of his brother’s nature and takes advantage of it regularly.

Valax is commonly prayed to by those whose job it is to keep prisoners behind their bars, even those of good alignment, but he finds his most ardent worshippers amongst the races of the underdark.

Alignment: Neutral evil
Holy symbol: A cat-o’-nine-tails
Home disc: The Wretched Prison


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